For DSLR Cameras


100% Waterproof case For
SLR Digital cameras

Technical Details

- Waterproof underwater housing usable up to 16.4ft (5m), JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) IPX8 / IP68 The highest class

- Capture the moment without worries. It is a 100% waterproof case for mirrorless or hybrid digital cameras.

- The lens port allows the lens to extend out to 2.0"(50㎜) and has an internal diameter of 6.0"(150mm)

- All purposes Dustproof, Fogproof, Sandproof, Snowproof, Waterproof case for digital cameras.

- UV coated polycarbonate on the lens for clear pictures.

- Most of functions are available with this case without wheeling.

Product - DiCAPac(100% Waterproof Case)

Products Details

  • Size(W×H) : 270mm x 230mm
  • Ingredients : Case - PVC, TPU. ABS
             Lens - ABS, Polycarbonate, Silicone
  • Lens aperture : Available until 82 mm
    Diameter of the lens : Available until 150 mm 
  • Weight : 500g 
  • Color : Black
  • A neck strap, a sponge, and a manual included
  • Made in Korea

Imagine, as you play with Dicapac



When swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, skiing, and various outdoor activities, people want to share this moment. Wearing dicapac for your digital camera, you may have an enjoyable moment in it.

You deserve to get clear photos through the UV coated polycarbonate lens.

You can touch and control on LCD screen which is transparented area.

Your digital camera will be protected 100% by the water.

All purposes Dustproof, Fogproof, Sandproof, Snowproof, Waterproof case for smart devices.

Watch the real video :
Deserve when you take

   Capture the moment without worries.
   It is a 100% waterproof case for digital
   cameras.Up to 5meters in the water, you
   can use.

   Most of functions are able to use when you
   have the Dicapac.

   Specially, you never worry to use even if your
   hands wet.

   Now, let your camera is free to use around
   water while you are in bath, kitchen, or taking
   leisure activities.

Up to 5 meters,

Get perfect protection

All of Dicapac’s products have passed the waterproof examination of JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) IPX..

Got the highest level ‘IPX8’ of JIS.

The condition of test is that the Dicapac hold on 5meters depth of water for 30 mins.

Highly transparent UV coated

Polycarbonate lens

Dicapac lens’ filters are made of polycarbonate which is known as PC.
It has low scratch-resistance and a hard coated. It is applied to polycarbonate eyewear lenses.
Polycarbonate is highly transparent to visible light.

→Sample photo shoot using dicapac[CLICK]
WP-S10 Lens size

Lens Diamerter : Available until 86 mm
Length of the lens : Available until 150 mm

Easy to control

You can use a your finger to control the camera using a shutter hole.

Triple locking system

Roll+Velcro System

It is easy to make waterproof by simply zipping, rolling, and using double Velcro.
*Check how to roll and velcro following below photos. How to use dicapac is all same.

*Watch the manual video :

Fitting Guide

→the table of applied DICAPAC models for each camera brands [CLICK]